A sustainable project that guarantees a high quality of life with with minimal environmental impact.

Clean energy
from water and the sun

Sustainability has been our primary concern right from the start of the Portopiccolo project. In addition to architectural excellence, the aim has also been to make it a shining example of indoor comfort and environmental protection, with solutions that ensure energy consumption is kept to a minimum. The site uses an engineering solution based on water source heat pump technology that uses seawater as its heat exchange source. This renewable resource remains stable over time, ensuring the temperature within the closed loop can be effectively controlled at all times.

The system

The system

18 heating and cooling units serve the entire bay. Equipped with Clivet monoblock reversible water-water high-efficiency heat pumps, they produce the hot and chilled water, as well as the domestic hot water for various utilities. They provide energy only where and when needed according to the principle of decentralization. They also modulate their operation according to on-demand comfort requirements and external conditions. During shoulder seasons the system also exploits the advantage provided by free cooling. All systems, both heat pumps and domestic, are electrically powered, thus making it possible to completely eliminate CO2 emissions and ensure a truly green village.

No cars are allowed to access the village and all 1200 parking spaces are underground. The village is also powered by 200 square metres of solar panels that contribute to the high efficiency of the domestic hot water heating. These solutions combine maximum comfort with real energy savings, reflected in the very low expenses. All residences have Class A and A + power consumption ratings with thermal-acoustic insulation at the highest levels currently available, mechanically-controlled ventilation, and high-insulation doors and windows.


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