A premier Italian resort village built according to the most innovative architectural and technological criteria


Sistiana and its bay:
a history of excellence

With its deep, sheltered bay, fertile soil, and access to the sea, Sistiana’s history is a story of prosperity and splendour dating back to the time of the Romans. A popular tourist destination since the early 20th century, the area was a major location for the development of famed luxury coastal hotels with spas and beach facilities during the time of the Habsburg Empire. The Portopiccolo project, built in the adjacent quarry, has been developed to capture the splendour of the Belle Époque and has gifted the bay with a new jewel of rare elegance.

Presentation Portopiccolo 2019


A safe haven protected
by rock

The project sits in the heart of the Sistiana’s former limestone quarry. The site boasts a unique natural heritage and has been extensively redeveloped using innovative technologies to optimise the use of resources. The result is a protected ecosystem which blends seamlessly with its surroundings.


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