The finest views
in Portopiccolo

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Exclusive and sophisticated properties,
set seamlessly within the landscape itself

Built in a contemporary style and with close attention paid to every detail, the Case Terrazza afford superior views over the Gulf of Trieste and boast a 180-degree panorama that stretches along the Italian, Slovenian and Croatian coastline all the way to Punta Salvore. All around, the embrace of the majestic sea cliffs protect the “Borgo” like sentinels.


Your perfect living environment
with ample interior spaces bathed in natural light

A bright, welcoming interior, suitable for any interior design configuration, allowing you to create a retreat tailored perfectly to your everyday lifestyle. The apartments are available in a range of sizes, from studio flats - about 60 square metres plus terrace - up to four-bedroom residences to suit every need.


Stunning views from an outstanding position.
Your own private view of the distant horizon

Wake up with your own personal sea view. It’s the one you fell in love with when you chose this residence and the one that will greet you every morning when you wake up and enjoy your first coffee of the day. There, in front of you, your very own personal view stretching to the distant horizon. Each Casa Terrazza enjoys a unique panorama overlooking the Gulf and the Marina whose gentle rhythm punctuates the easy progress of the day.


The quality and design features are the same throughout Portopiccolo, from studios of 60 sq m right up to penthouses of 600 square metres, including commercial premises.

Three-room apartment

114 Sqm
3rd Floor

Unit E1-3-37U

One-room apartment

57 Sqm
1st Floor

Unit E2-1-3

Unit E2-1-3

150 Sqm
3rd Floor

Unit E2-3-15


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